3 Stress-Reducing Practices For Assisted Living Residents

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Stress is a normal part of life. Too much stress, however, can have a negative impact on your health. For seniors, staying stress-free is even more important. Too much stress can increase the chances of a heart attack or developing heart disease. At Reusik, we provide senior home care services in NJ and want our seniors to live as stress-free of a life as possible. That’s why we encourage our seniors to try these three stress-reducing practices.

1. Getting More Exercise

The number one best way to reduce stress is to exercise more. The best thing about exercising is that there are so many different ways to do it. You don’t have to hit the gym just to receive a good workout. Even something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day can have a profound effect on your health.

Exercising eliminates stress because it gives your body a physical outlet. When you’re stressed, your body is placed in a fight or flight mode. Adrenaline is pumping. You need to release it. Exercise should be that release.

2. Hang Out with Friends

Being around friends or family can decrease stress. They bring out the best in us and make us feel good about ourselves. You may even find that your friends can offer some advice on the problem that’s causing you stress in the first place.

Regular socialization is healthy for humans. As social creatures, we need some form of human contact often. Speaking with friends also keeps you mentally and physically stimulated. It can improve your overall health as well as reduce your stress.

3. Try Something Different

Another great way to reduce your stress is to try something new. Retirement is the perfect time to try out new hobbies and explore new adventures. Trying something new helps to alleviate stress because it gives your mind something else to focus on. The new experience may even exhilarate you.

Giving your body and mind the chance to focus on something else for a while may even give you the insight you need to deal with the cause of your stress. Doing something new can also keep you mentally stimulated.

Reduce Stress and Feel Relaxed

There are tons of different ways to reduce your stress. All of the methods above can help you reduce yours and enjoy life just that much more. To find out other practices you can implement to reduce stress, give our team at Reusik a call today.

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