Home Care Services in New Jersey

Our visiting physicians and home health aides in New Jersey have a passion for improving lives and spreading joy. Founded by board-certified physicians focused on compassion and empathy, our home health care services have reimagined senior home care with a variety of innovative home care solutions that empower our clients with greater freedom, enhanced dignity, and well-rounded healthcare plans designed around their needs. 

Are You In Need of At-Home Elder Care in NJ?

What Are The Services We Offer?

As a physician-managed senior assisted living company, we offer our clients full-spectrum home health care in New Jersey. Instead of stressful trips to the hospital, grocery store, or clinic, our visiting physicians and home health aides bring the best medical care directly to you. Here are the in-home elder care services we specialize in:

  • ADL Assistance
  • Physician Services
  • Chronic Care Management
  • & More

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    We Offer Both In-Home Visits in NJ & Telehealth Appointments

    Our senior assisted living clients enjoy peace of mind and an intimate level of care with our telehealth services and dedicated visiting physicians. By offering our clients comprehensive at-home elder care in Princeton and Paterson, NJ, we empower our clients to remain at home while always having the support of a fully staffed medical team. 

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    There are several advantages to trusting our home health care services in New Jersey over traditional home care services. The clients using our telehealth services and live-in elderly home care appreciate:

    • Our home health aides assist with personal care, chores, and daily tasks
    • Our visiting physicians offer hospital-level care from the comfort of home
    • In-home elder care allows for improved quality of life and independence
    • At home elder care leads to enhanced dignity and prevents transitions to care facilities
    • Our credentialed in-home elder care professionals are friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable
    • Telehealth is ideal for remote living and prevents stressful transport to and from appointments

    Senior Home Care is Completely Personalized

    Achieving your healthcare goals in New Jersey is simple with our customized care plans and personable visiting physicians. We want you to achieve your healthcare goals and believe that by allowing our senior assisted living clients to enjoy the comforts of home, they are more likely to achieve a greater balance of wellness and improved outcomes. Our home health aid agency and dedicated caregivers ensure your wellness plan is unique to your home healthcare needs.

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    Our home health aide services are very flexible. With a wide array of home care options available, we can combine our telehealth, in-home physician visits, and direct nursing care services to create a customized plan that is based on your needs. 

    As your healthcare needs evolve, so do our senior assisted living capabilities. We make scheduling visiting physicians and home health aides simple, so whenever there is a change in your healthcare status, our team located in Princeton, NJ will be there to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality of medical care.

    elder care in nj

    Our Elderly Home Care is Available Throughout New Jersey

    Dedicated to promoting greater balance and increased independence for our clients in New Jersey and beyond, we proudly offer our comprehensive elderly home care services in a variety of convenient locations to better serve you. 

    For in-home care services in South Jersey, our team is ready and willing to assist. For 24/7 telehealth assistance, we have caring staff members waiting to provide guidance. Whatever home health care needs you to have, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and professional medical care services. Our professionals will do whatever it takes to help you achieve renewed health and balance in life 

    Wherever you’re located in NJ, our doctors, nurses, and home health aides will bring senior assisted living care to you. We understand that the best healthcare can’t wait, and our fully staffed medical professionals are driven to create a healthcare experience that allows you to enjoy the comforts of home while still receiving the care you deserve at all times. 

    Get Started With the Best in Home Elder Care Today!

    If you’re excited to learn more about our dignifying and empowering senior home care services, we offer free healthcare consultations and would love to help you design a plan of care that suits your personalized healthcare goals. We are passionate about helping others and are driven to provide you with healthcare services that accommodate your life in every way. 

    Our services are always flexible, and our fully-staffed team is happy to assist. Our medical professionals will gladly work with your existing care plan, or help you design an entirely new plan that carefully considers every aspect of your healthcare goals. With 24/7 telehealth, the most caring in-home physicians, and dedicated nursing staff ready to help day or night, Reusik hopes to earn your trust as the most reliable home health agency for greater peace of mind, supported independence, and enhanced quality of life. 

    To learn more about how Reusik can help you with a well-rounded plan of care tailored to your needs, don’t hesitate to give our medical professionals a call today!