How Smart Technology Has Impacted the Senior Living Community

How Smart Technology Has Impacted the Senior Living Community

The world is changing fast, and the devices we use every day are adapting with it. Thanks to social distancing, advancements in household tech, and increased demand for companionship at home, smart technology is here to stay. Among the senior living community, smart technology adoption is growing faster than any other demographic; virtual assistants, smart devices, and virtual calls help seniors maintain independence and security while staying connected with loved ones from afar. 

Staying Home is Easier Than Ever Before 

From ordering groceries and laundry detergent, to reminders and music, virtual assistants have made it possible to manage entire routines from home. Virtual assistants are integrated into nearly every device imaginable, and make it possible to navigate previously mundane daily tasks with newfound simplicity. Need to order a new blender? Alexa is happy to help. Need to schedule a hair appointment? Google Assistant has you covered. Easily accessed through smartphones, stand-alone assistants, and smartwatches, organizing entire lifestyles is just an audible request away thanks to our virtual secretaries. 

Connect With Loved Ones Instantaneously

Who doesn’t love a facetime or skype with mom or dad? Whether you’re halfway across the globe or just down the street, video apps have revolutionized the way we connect with friends and family for good. With our new virtual assistants by our sides, we don’t even have to dial the phone! It’s almost too easy to get in touch with our parents these days, but hey, that’s a good thing right? 

Better Healthcare Solutions are Evolving

Equally evolving with the new global shift is healthcare at home. More seniors are opting to remain at home for safety, comfort, and personal preference. Why bother dealing with traffic or crowded aisles at the store when our devices can easily connect with anyone we need at a moment’s notice? The same goes for healthcare; if we can receive the same quality care from home, why would any independent senior want to live in a nursing home or drive to the clinic?

This dramatic shift in convenience has led to emerging advances in virtual healthcare. Just like it’s a good thing that we can easily get in touch with our loved ones, it’s a good thing that they can now access simplified healthcare and reliable medical advice from the comfort of home. From personalized doctors appointments and at-home nursing care, to medication management and healthcare planning, a telehealth visit in Philadelphia allows loved ones to receive hospital-quality care without having to schedule physical appointments or sacrifice their independence. 

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