How To Integrate a First-Time Patient

How To Integrate a First-Time Patient

We understand that transitioning to in-home care can be a stressful situation, and have designed our in-home care services to respect our patients’ dignity, independence, and personal preferences first and foremost. We want our patients to be comfortable and act as helpful advocates that enable greater quality of life from the comfort of home with innovative healthcare solutions that take every detail of our patients’ lifestyles into consideration. 

Complete Healthcare Without Leaving Home

Dedicated to empowering our patients with access to hospital-quality care from home, getting started with our comprehensive home care solutions is simple. Unlike traditional assisted living transitions that require uprooting your entire life, we bring our adaptable healthcare services to you. Since we can provide full-spectrum healthcare with our in-home doctors, nurses, aides, and telehealth, our patients never have to sacrifice their comforts and lifestyle. 

Our compassionate physicians and nurses personally visit the home and get to know you. We create personalized healthcare plans for every patient, and will clearly explain all our various healthcare options. We’re focused on open communication with our patients and families, and with 24/7 access to our medical staff through our user-friendly telehealth platform, receiving the personalized care you need is accessible night or day. 

Flexible Services Enable Greater Freedom At Home

Our services adapt to ongoing changes in healthcare status. Since our services are highly accessible, you’ll be able to request changes to your healthcare plan at any time. With available options like comprehensive live-in services and regularly scheduled in-home physician check-ups, you or your loved ones will never have to worry about receiving insufficient care. 

Our personalized approach to home medicine sets our in-home physician services in Philadelphia apart from other agencies. We’re focused on building healthy relationships with our clients and want you to feel liberated by our caring team. Whether you need reliable companionship around the clock, or simply want a trusted doctor you can call, we’ll do whatever we can to create greater peace of mind and help you achieve realistic healthcare goals. 

Respectful Transitions Designed to Your Preferences

Getting started with our healthcare team is easy. We can naturally integrate our services with your current healthcare plans, or our physician team can help you design an entirely new health plan. Whatever unique and personalized care needs you may have, our experienced professionals will develop a plan of action that accommodates your lifestyle while improving your health outcomes over the long term. 

To get started with our personalized home care services, give our friendly healthcare professionals a call today. You can expect our caring team to always respect your privacy, and keep your personal information 100% confidential. Committed to empowering you with greater dignity, freedom, and independence, Reusik hopes to earn your trust with our patient-first approach to complete care at home. 

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