How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment with Reusik

How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment with Reusik

After scheduling a convenient virtual appointment with Reusik, you may be wondering what you’ll need to do to prepare for your upcoming physician visit. Whether this is your first or fifth virtual physician appointment, having some basic information ready will better equip your doctor with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Once the physicians at Reusik have a clear understanding of your healthcare goals and necessary medical information, you’ll receive a personalized care plan tailored to your improved health, safety, and reliable healthcare from home. Following these simple steps to prepare for your upcoming appointment, you’ll be ready to begin your successful home health journey. 

Organize Important Medical Information

You and your loved ones can begin to make a list of important health-related information. Relevant information that should be organized prior to your telehealth appointment includes: 

  • Current & Past Medications: If you know the dosages, frequency taken, and for how long you have been taking these medications, include as much relevant information as you can. 
  • Known Allergies & Restrictions: Include special dietary requirements, medication & food allergies, and other important factors like issues with swallowing or chewing. 
  • Outline Mobility Requirements & Safety Features at Home: If you or a loved one has special mobility considerations, make a list of assistive devices used, discuss methods of mobility and transportation, and tell your physician about household accessibility and safety features like handrails or stairlifts. 
  • Treatments & Surgical History: Add any treatments and surgeries you’ve undergone to your medical information sheet. This includes current/past treatment history like physical/orthopedic therapy, mental health treatments, surgeries, and other holistic therapies like yoga or massage. 

Define Healthcare Goals & Think of Some Questions

After discussing important healthcare basics with your virtual physician, outline some of your at-home care goals and think of relevant questions to ask. The more detailed and open you are with your physician, the better prepared your physician will be to provide highly personalized guidance and improved quality of care. 

Find a Quiet Place With a Clear Background

Set up your webcam, phone, or tablet in a well-lit room that’s isolated from noisy areas within the home. This allows for privacy, clearer communication, and enables your provider to see you. If you have physical symptoms like skin conditions or other health care concerns that can be managed virtually, proper lighting and a clear background improve your physician’s ability to make detailed suggestions and accurately address any changes to your health status. 

Schedule a Reminder & Inform Caretakers of the Appointment

After scheduling your virtual appointment, set up a calendar reminder and inform your family or caretaker to make note of the appointment time. Reusik’s senior telehealth service in Philadelphia will work around your schedule, and offers a variety of flexible telehealth appointments for convenient access to your physician whenever you have questions, need a medication adjustment, or would like to discuss the details of your customized healthcare plan. 

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