Why You Should Use Home Healthcare To Take Care of Aging Loved Ones

Home healthcare is an option that many families are turning to for themselves and their aging loved ones. It’s a great way to ensure that seniors have someone there with them who can take care of their needs while still allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own homes. How does a family member find reliable home healthcare? This article discusses the major benefits of having a home healthcare service in place for aging loved ones.

3 Reasons To Choose Home Healthcare for the Elderly

Home healthcare is a viable alternative to residential care for the elderly. Three major advantages come with choosing home healthcare over a skilled nursing facility or private duty nurse:

Peace of Mind for the Family

Home healthcare is helpful for both the elderly and their families. Seniors living alone in their homes could slip and fall one day. They could break something or tear a ligament. Primary home care in Elkins Park, PA with 24-hour coverage and backup nursing services can provide family members peace of mind. They can rest assured knowing their aging loved ones will have immediate help, especially during emergencies.

Aging in Place Made Possible

As family members age, they will have to rely on others for care and assistance. For those who want to stay in their homes, instead of moving into a nursing home, home healthcare can be very helpful. Loved ones can remain in their own home, reducing the stress and anxiety of adjusting to a new environment. They will have the benefit of health and independence while still having the ability to call for additional help if necessary.

Fewer Doctor Visits

A home healthcare service provides access to medical care for homebound seniors. It can be a huge help for elderly people to stay active and healthy because it is one of the best ways to cut down on doctor’s visits. Medical professionals can perform assessments as well as provide direct patient care and in-home physician services in Philadelphia, leading to fewer trips to the clinic or hospital.

Better Quality of Life for Aging Loved Ones

As your loved ones age, home healthcare will help give them a better quality of life. Reusik’s home healthcare provides elderly members of the family access to medical care while staying in the comfort of their homes. For more information on how you can get started with a dependable home healthcare plan for your aging loved ones, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

5 Things You Should Know About Non-Emergent Telemedicine

While COVID-19 continues to disrupt our healthcare system, telemedicine is doing its part to help give better responses to health inquiries. As such, telemedicine has been making a positive contribution during the pandemic and is now used in a wide range of applications. Are you looking to learn more about telehealth visits in Philadelphia? If you’re not familiar with how telemedicine works, however, here are 5 things you should know about non-emergent telemedicine.

Where is Telehealth Most Effective?

According to studies we conducted among three different organizations, it’s suggested that telehealth is commonly used by seniors with UTIs, skin conditions, and upper respiratory problems. These problems were found to be resolved after just one visit in at least 80% of the cases. These results are also tied to the increased deployment of telehealth around the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Effective Is Telehealth?

We performed another analysis and found few differences between different telehealth methods. One health organization used various methods for conditions such as allergies, and eye infections — we found the telehealth visits via phone call are equally effective at providing solutions as a video conference.

Who Administers Telehealth?

Due to the perceived likelihood of episodic and fragmented care, the quality of telehealth has been questioned in the past. Telehealth services are facilitated by a provider and providing them with access to patient health records as well as past medical history. As such, the providers had access to documentation, resources, and treatment options similar to that of an in-person setting.

What Are the Cost Implications?

The cost of a telehealth visit costs just a fraction of an in-person visit, but the challenge in this option is determining whether these savings come at the expense of utilization, quality, and access. This revealed that even on visits where a higher resolution is achieved, the difference was quite small. Our study confirmed that telehealth provides an affordable alternative that doesn’t compromise quality.

Are There Limitations to Telemedicine?

There are several limitations to telemedicine that should be noted. First, the visits in this study focused on acute conditions, rather than for seniors with chronic conditions for example. At the same time, 30 days might not be enough time to arrange a follow-up visit, and in many cases, this may be needed to assess treatment. Lastly, a limited number of visits may not be enough to determine the quality of care given, since a routine follow-up or a re-examination is essential to fully determine the best course of care for seniors.

Overall, telemedicine is still in its early stages and has plenty of room for improvement. Even so, it brings plenty of benefits and helps to connect seniors to their healthcare providers without needing to leave the safety of their homes. You can find telemedicine services from assisted living in Montgomery County, PA, and even home health care services in Chester County, PA. No matter the need, you can make an appointment with Reusik or contact us today to learn more about our home health and telehealth visits.

How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment with Reusik

After scheduling a convenient virtual appointment with Reusik, you may be wondering what you’ll need to do to prepare for your upcoming physician visit. Whether this is your first or fifth virtual physician appointment, having some basic information ready will better equip your doctor with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Once the physicians at Reusik have a clear understanding of your healthcare goals and necessary medical information, you’ll receive a personalized care plan tailored to your improved health, safety, and reliable healthcare from home. Following these simple steps to prepare for your upcoming appointment, you’ll be ready to begin your successful home health journey. 

Organize Important Medical Information

You and your loved ones can begin to make a list of important health-related information. Relevant information that should be organized prior to your telehealth appointment includes: 

  • Current & Past Medications: If you know the dosages, frequency taken, and for how long you have been taking these medications, include as much relevant information as you can. 
  • Known Allergies & Restrictions: Include special dietary requirements, medication & food allergies, and other important factors like issues with swallowing or chewing. 
  • Outline Mobility Requirements & Safety Features at Home: If you or a loved one has special mobility considerations, make a list of assistive devices used, discuss methods of mobility and transportation, and tell your physician about household accessibility and safety features like handrails or stairlifts. 
  • Treatments & Surgical History: Add any treatments and surgeries you’ve undergone to your medical information sheet. This includes current/past treatment history like physical/orthopedic therapy, mental health treatments, surgeries, and other holistic therapies like yoga or massage. 

Define Healthcare Goals & Think of Some Questions

After discussing important healthcare basics with your virtual physician, outline some of your at-home care goals and think of relevant questions to ask. The more detailed and open you are with your physician, the better prepared your physician will be to provide highly personalized guidance and improved quality of care. 

Find a Quiet Place With a Clear Background

Set up your webcam, phone, or tablet in a well-lit room that’s isolated from noisy areas within the home. This allows for privacy, clearer communication, and enables your provider to see you. If you have physical symptoms like skin conditions or other health care concerns that can be managed virtually, proper lighting and a clear background improve your physician’s ability to make detailed suggestions and accurately address any changes to your health status. 

Schedule a Reminder & Inform Caretakers of the Appointment

After scheduling your virtual appointment, set up a calendar reminder and inform your family or caretaker to make note of the appointment time. Reusik’s senior telehealth service in Philadelphia will work around your schedule, and offers a variety of flexible telehealth appointments for convenient access to your physician whenever you have questions, need a medication adjustment, or would like to discuss the details of your customized healthcare plan. 

How Smart Technology Has Impacted the Senior Living Community

The world is changing fast, and the devices we use every day are adapting with it. Thanks to social distancing, advancements in household tech, and increased demand for companionship at home, smart technology is here to stay. Among the senior living community, smart technology adoption is growing faster than any other demographic; virtual assistants, smart devices, and virtual calls help seniors maintain independence and security while staying connected with loved ones from afar. 

Staying Home is Easier Than Ever Before 

From ordering groceries and laundry detergent, to reminders and music, virtual assistants have made it possible to manage entire routines from home. Virtual assistants are integrated into nearly every device imaginable, and make it possible to navigate previously mundane daily tasks with newfound simplicity. Need to order a new blender? Alexa is happy to help. Need to schedule a hair appointment? Google Assistant has you covered. Easily accessed through smartphones, stand-alone assistants, and smartwatches, organizing entire lifestyles is just an audible request away thanks to our virtual secretaries. 

Connect With Loved Ones Instantaneously

Who doesn’t love a facetime or skype with mom or dad? Whether you’re halfway across the globe or just down the street, video apps have revolutionized the way we connect with friends and family for good. With our new virtual assistants by our sides, we don’t even have to dial the phone! It’s almost too easy to get in touch with our parents these days, but hey, that’s a good thing right? 

Better Healthcare Solutions are Evolving

Equally evolving with the new global shift is healthcare at home. More seniors are opting to remain at home for safety, comfort, and personal preference. Why bother dealing with traffic or crowded aisles at the store when our devices can easily connect with anyone we need at a moment’s notice? The same goes for healthcare; if we can receive the same quality care from home, why would any independent senior want to live in a nursing home or drive to the clinic?

This dramatic shift in convenience has led to emerging advances in virtual healthcare. Just like it’s a good thing that we can easily get in touch with our loved ones, it’s a good thing that they can now access simplified healthcare and reliable medical advice from the comfort of home. From personalized doctors appointments and at-home nursing care, to medication management and healthcare planning, a telehealth visit in Philadelphia allows loved ones to receive hospital-quality care without having to schedule physical appointments or sacrifice their independence. 

How Our Home Care Services Can Improve Your Quality of Living

As your loved one becomes older, they may face some difficulties in trying to do some of the things that they used to do. You may be faced with a decision. Do you place them in a retirement home or do you investigate home care services? Here’s why our home care services in Philadelphia can improve the quality of living for your loved one.

1. You’re Given a Physician

A lot of other home care services just supply minimal care services. We take it a step further. When you use our services, you’re assigned a physician. Our physician can even be designated as your primary provider. They’re always available when you need them.

They also oversee all medical assistants that are assigned to you. This ensures that you receive the best medical care and support.

2. On-Site Medical Screening

Not every home care company can offer medical screening while they’re on-site. They may only be able to drive your loved one to a facility for the screening. Our medical aids are able to perform on-site medical screening of your loved one. This ensures that your loved one is constantly being supervised to determine if they’re in a good state of health.

This is ideal for those who face chronic health problems or even those who only need a little assistance. Having a medical aid on hand that can medically screen them every day keeps their doctor aware of any changes in their health.

3. We Offer Custom Home Care Options

We know not every senior is the same. Some require a great deal of assistance while others only need a check-up now and then. That’s why our home health care company is a score above the rest. We’re able to customize our care services to each patient. That’s largely due to our physicians that operate the services.

They’ll consider your case and make a tailored treatment and care service just for you. When every need of yours is seen to, the quality of your life will improve drastically. It’s health care like you’ve never experienced before.

Sign Up for Our Home Health Care Services Today

At Reusik, we strive to ensure our patients are receiving the best care possible. It all begins with our physicians that actually take the time to get to know each of their patients. Give our friendly staff a call today to find out more about our services and how they can improve the quality of your life.

How To Integrate a First-Time Patient

We understand that transitioning to in-home care can be a stressful situation, and have designed our in-home care services to respect our patients’ dignity, independence, and personal preferences first and foremost. We want our patients to be comfortable and act as helpful advocates that enable greater quality of life from the comfort of home with innovative healthcare solutions that take every detail of our patients’ lifestyles into consideration. 

Complete Healthcare Without Leaving Home

Dedicated to empowering our patients with access to hospital-quality care from home, getting started with our comprehensive home care solutions is simple. Unlike traditional assisted living transitions that require uprooting your entire life, we bring our adaptable healthcare services to you. Since we can provide full-spectrum healthcare with our in-home doctors, nurses, aides, and telehealth, our patients never have to sacrifice their comforts and lifestyle. 

Our compassionate physicians and nurses personally visit the home and get to know you. We create personalized healthcare plans for every patient, and will clearly explain all our various healthcare options. We’re focused on open communication with our patients and families, and with 24/7 access to our medical staff through our user-friendly telehealth platform, receiving the personalized care you need is accessible night or day. 

Flexible Services Enable Greater Freedom At Home

Our services adapt to ongoing changes in healthcare status. Since our services are highly accessible, you’ll be able to request changes to your healthcare plan at any time. With available options like comprehensive live-in services and regularly scheduled in-home physician check-ups, you or your loved ones will never have to worry about receiving insufficient care. 

Our personalized approach to home medicine sets our in-home physician services in Philadelphia apart from other agencies. We’re focused on building healthy relationships with our clients and want you to feel liberated by our caring team. Whether you need reliable companionship around the clock, or simply want a trusted doctor you can call, we’ll do whatever we can to create greater peace of mind and help you achieve realistic healthcare goals. 

Respectful Transitions Designed to Your Preferences

Getting started with our healthcare team is easy. We can naturally integrate our services with your current healthcare plans, or our physician team can help you design an entirely new health plan. Whatever unique and personalized care needs you may have, our experienced professionals will develop a plan of action that accommodates your lifestyle while improving your health outcomes over the long term. 

To get started with our personalized home care services, give our friendly healthcare professionals a call today. You can expect our caring team to always respect your privacy, and keep your personal information 100% confidential. Committed to empowering you with greater dignity, freedom, and independence, Reusik hopes to earn your trust with our patient-first approach to complete care at home. 

3 Stress-Reducing Practices For Assisted Living Residents

Stress is a normal part of life. Too much stress, however, can have a negative impact on your health. For seniors, staying stress-free is even more important. Too much stress can increase the chances of a heart attack or developing heart disease. At Reusik, we provide senior home care services in NJ and want our seniors to live as stress-free of a life as possible. That’s why we encourage our seniors to try these three stress-reducing practices.

1. Getting More Exercise

The number one best way to reduce stress is to exercise more. The best thing about exercising is that there are so many different ways to do it. You don’t have to hit the gym just to receive a good workout. Even something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day can have a profound effect on your health.

Exercising eliminates stress because it gives your body a physical outlet. When you’re stressed, your body is placed in a fight or flight mode. Adrenaline is pumping. You need to release it. Exercise should be that release.

2. Hang Out with Friends

Being around friends or family can decrease stress. They bring out the best in us and make us feel good about ourselves. You may even find that your friends can offer some advice on the problem that’s causing you stress in the first place.

Regular socialization is healthy for humans. As social creatures, we need some form of human contact often. Speaking with friends also keeps you mentally and physically stimulated. It can improve your overall health as well as reduce your stress.

3. Try Something Different

Another great way to reduce your stress is to try something new. Retirement is the perfect time to try out new hobbies and explore new adventures. Trying something new helps to alleviate stress because it gives your mind something else to focus on. The new experience may even exhilarate you.

Giving your body and mind the chance to focus on something else for a while may even give you the insight you need to deal with the cause of your stress. Doing something new can also keep you mentally stimulated.

Reduce Stress and Feel Relaxed

There are tons of different ways to reduce your stress. All of the methods above can help you reduce yours and enjoy life just that much more. To find out other practices you can implement to reduce stress, give our team at Reusik a call today.